Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Man-datory Movie Review: Ten Reasons To See "The Other Guys"

10. Mark Wahlberg is back with what he does best: getting angry and yelling, shooting a gun, and showing sensitivity.
9. Mark Wahlberg dances. As a traffic cop.
8. Mark Wahlberg is wearing a tuxedo in one scene (it is never explained why).
7. Mark Wahlberg manages to pull off the line, "I'm a peacock! You gotta let me fly!" (Peacocks don't fly. And cool guys don't normally talk like this.)
6. The Rock makes an appearance.
5. Michael Keaton, who you won't believe was once Batman, will win you over with his repeated (and denied) references to TLC songs.
4. Mark Wahlberg calls hot chicks "ladies," which is adorable.
3. Mark Wahlberg gets his shoes stolen. Twice. And he looks so cute walking around in socks, you just know he must be an awesome guy in real life.
2. Will Ferrell, as usual, is funny.
1. Mark Wahlberg shoots Derek Jeter.

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