Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I Love Esquire

Don't worry, I have more than Johnny Depp to offer -- although really, do you need more? Few women will admit it, but the only thing more intriguing than a man who doesn't appear to have any bad qualities is the man who does, but is completely open about them. (You can make up your own mind on which one of those two I married.) That is Esquire. Unlike the magazines geared toward women, this one offers the chance to walk into a room full of guys, invisibly, and hear all the things they say to each other when there's no hoo-has around. Disgusting, but delicious.

I first became familiar with the magazine when I was a kid, going through my dad's mail. It wasn't sneaking a Playboy into my room, (the closest we had were some National Geographic pictorials)but the woman's equivalent: drooling over featured ads for top designers and cool celebrity interviews, with more about what guys want than what I already know I like. What a novel concept. Arresting.

This is the only magazine I have found to consistently break the rules when it comes to copy and design. As an oftentimes frustrated copywriter, I have a particular fondness for how they throw words all over the place, trusting the reader to take the time to read them, even if they're not in nice, neat little lines and paragraphs like you see here. Innovative.

Best of all, this the kind of man's magazine I'd design myself: one that is smart enough to seek advice from women. Just ask Mary-Louise Parker. Genius.

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