Sunday, August 2, 2009

I00 Days. 100 Readers. Hey, It's Possible!

In my excitement to increase the followship of my blog, I failed, as I often do in so many areas of my life, to read all the fine print. What some call laziness I call masterful organization of my precious time.

According to blogspot, I'm only allowed to have 100 readers. So as much as I'd love to see if I can, actually, gain 200 followers in 200 days, I guess technically it's impossible, although I know there are people who read blogs without signing up to follow. So I'm still hopeful of gaining this kind of readership. Feel free to drop me a comment, even if your tiny, profiled picture isn't showing to the right. I promise I will respond to let you know how incredible you are. If nothing else, it's a pick-me-up for the day. (I'm really great at compliments.)

While I'm off to a great start (yesterday I gained two more followers!) I've changed my goal to reaching 100 followers in 100 days. I think it's still quite lofty, especially when you consider I'm now at 14. I may not be the funniest person in the room (or the smartest, which is one of the best aspirations to have, thank you Sally Hogshead) but I'm pretty good at describing other funny, smart people and the situations I find myself in.

Today's reason to follow me, if you haven't found one already, is because you can count on me to share the good stuff. Ask anyone, I make the best dance mixes around. I watch more tv than any other adult who isn't a shut-in. And I know all the best comedians before anyone else does. Today's example? My man Orny Adams (okay, he's not really my man, but an incredibly talented comedian who just happens to have the best man hair I've ever seen and felt in real life). Check him out. Then come back and follow me. I won't lead you astray...


  1. Does following the RSS feed for your blog count? The app on my phone let's me know when you update the blog - which is great by the way. Good luck gaining new followers.

  2. Maureen WatteletSunday, August 02, 2009

    Now you can chalk up my resistance to becoming an official "follower" to selflessness: I'll leave that spot to one of your 100 other followers! You know I read - and love your blog and tell everyone I know about it!