Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Give Up. Or "Things I've Learned From My Husband."

1. Leftover rice doesn't have to be refrigerated. It's free spackle for that wall that needs to be painted!

2. Asking for a back rub is silly. Why would you ever want just a back rub, when you could have so much more? Especially if you are in pain.

3. It's smart to drink wine out of a juice glass. That pesky stem glassware is easy to knock over, and who needs a hazard around the house?

4. If you are vain enough to fish for a compliment, then you deserve to be told you look "fine." It's always helpful to learn a lesson. Even if you are having a bad day.

5. Life is more interesting when you are sweating through a meal. If you're going to use spices, you need to commit fully.

6. Two And A Half Men is a great television show. Charlie Sheen's comic talent transcends his age and creepiness.

7. Saving energy is important. If that means I can't call if I'm not coming home for dinner, it's just a sacrifice we need to make.

8. A woman's word is gold. So if one says she wants to be reminded not to eat dessert, I'm going to do it. But I don't think it counts if she's talking about putting dishes in the dishwasher (See #1).

9. The bed is a perfectly acceptable place to eat salsa, toast, anything with syrup or assorted nuts. Beer is also welcome.

10. If you see a spider, I'm helping you grow as a person by not killing it and ignoring your screams. And I love you so much, you don't have to thank me.

Hands off, ladies. This one's mine.


  1. I think our husbands are personality twins. Except for #10. Mine squishes them and leaves them as a "warning" to other bugs.

  2. Funny list! there's a beer bottle on my husband's night stand right now (half full, of course).