Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Cow With No Name No More

Although the deadline is nearly two days passed, I'm just now announcing the winning name for my cow because I had so many submissions. It wasn't easy, although a few of the names were pretty much thrown out immediately: supper, steak, burger, you get the drift.

A few of my favorites that didn't make the cut but deserve righteous recognition for creativity are Bitsy "Aint Yo Burger" Long-Weinfurt, which included a well-written rationale for each aspect of the name; Tofu and Blanche, each receiving a respectable two nominations each; and finally, Kung Pao Cow. It made me laugh, and I think it would make a great animated movie name. But, as a friend of mine wisely observed, it also sounds like the #7 entree from Master Wok. So alas, it also was not chosen.

Even more exciting than the contest was learning that, despite what my husband says, naming a cow is NOT the dumbest thing ever. In fact, it's quite productive.

So, without further stalling, thanks to everyone who submitted a name and showed what we in my family like to call "the proper amount of enthusiasm." The cow formerly known as #30 would thank you, but you know, she can't talk. She would like me to tell you her new name, however: Mooma Thurman.

Mooma, like her inspiration, Uma Thurman, is quite the knockout among her peers, and is a survivor, just like Uma's character in Kill Bill. And if we ever do sell the rights to her story, I'm totally going to insist her stunt double do a roundhouse kick before killing off her nemesis. So there you go.

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  1. Andrea,

    That made me laugh out loud!!!
    Mooma this is Ophrah-Oprhah this is Mooma...too funny!