Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Think You Know People...Thank God You Don't.

I love, love, love learning strange facts about my friends that only come out in late-night conversations or alcohol-filled dinners. Like the fact that my friend (we'll call her Ann Lee) punched her husband in the man parts while he was asleep. And she was awake. (Pregnancy hormones explain that one.) Or the fact that a former co-worker once thought she was a giant goosebump. (You guessed it: she was taking her glaucoma medication.) My favorite? Is that a guy I know kissed another guy in drag, thinking there was a hot girl sharing his mouth with him. I don't exactly know why I derive pleasure from these things, but I do know it means I'm not judgmental. And that is an admirable quality under anyone's belief system.

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  1. A very admirable quality indeed. Funny - I think we are sharing blogbrains because my post the other day was about passing judgment too, although in terms of a refrigerator so it's not really the same. Nonetheless, here is a strange fact for your enjoyment: you know the song "Beast of Burden"- well I just found out that the lyrics were not what I had always thought they were, which is something about never leaving a "pizza burning" - yeah, I'm a good listener. Bonus fact - I also thought that moth balls were moth poop, not something you can actually buy at a store. Wow, I'm revealing a lot here...