Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Found My Pink Fairy Wings

Earlier this week, I was feeling somewhat uninspired. There are plenty of reasons--an anorexic workload, a neglected pile of laundry, too much talk about swine flu--but the why doesn't matter. What does matter is what happened to change everything.

It all started when my sister-in-law invited me to join her and The World's Best Children for a slumber party, since my brother-in-law is out of town until tomorrow night. It may not sound like the world's most exciting Friday night, but I was told there would be pina coladas. There would also be margaritas. And there would be children asleep before these things were brought out for our enjoyment. It's also important to mention most Friday nights I'm on the couch watching The Ghost Whisperer, with only my cat for company.

So off I went. After pushing my niece dangerously high on the swings, scarfing some pizza and witnessing only one meltdown (something about wanting to play Star Wars and being denied), I kind of thought the highlight would be the impending colada/margarita mix. But I was wrong. As part of my sister-in-law's trickery to get the kids to brush their teeth and get into bed (I could write a whole book about her genius ways that work every time), they were promised a story read by yours truly. Voices and everything. Round 1 was pretty embarrassing--Star Wars reared its ugly head once again and I delivered what is unarguably the world's worst Yoda impression. But Round 2? Was The Twilight Ride of The Pink Fairy. As my niece settled in with her own set of pink wings, I began to read. At one point, I looked over and realized my niece was staring intently at the illustrations while ever so slowly flapping her plastic appendages.

And there it was. Pure, sugary inspiration, washing over me like a skittles rainbow. She was so into the moment. She WAS the pink fairy. And for just a moment I wasn't just a weekend widow waiting for my wine cooler. I was a master storyteller. A memory maker. The greatest aunt that has ever been born. If you were to receive that title, trust me, you would feel inspired, too. Now let's just hope it lasts. I really hate to drag those wings into my 2:00 meeting Monday afternoon, but I will do it if I have to.


  1. "weekend widow waiting for my wine cooler"
    Love it! And I do think it would be inspiring to see you in the pink fairy wings. Hey, maybe Suzanne will let you borrow the tutu. (Smiles)

  2. Wish I could have seen this one.

  3. "Pure, sugary inspiration, washing over me like a skittles rainbow. " This line makes me feel inspired. So, did you sport pink fairy wings to your 2 p.m. meeting today? Oh I hope so!