Monday, September 1, 2008

Recycling Limits Amount to Pile of Garbage

So this week's column isn't that funny. More sad than anything. Now our town, already deficient in late-night eateries (and by late, I mean after 5 p.m.), can't even recycle properly. No glass. Even better is the reason why: Deffenbaugh's employees are getting cut. Not laid off, but literally sliced and diced. No mention of safety equipment, just a cold turkey cutoff from accepting all glass materials.

Normally I decide to find ridiculous rules quaint, when it comes to Weston. So the one filling station that does service work isn't open on Saturday. So you can't shop after five in this town. So there's ten different antique stores, but no pizza place. At least I could recycle. At least our town wasn't forced to help bring the whole planet down.

Well, not anymore! Thank you, Deffenbaugh. You are officially on my shit list.

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